We develop high quality nature assets and deep, advanced systems for Unity Engine, as well as other unique products for Unreal Engine. All our projects help to develop creative ideas for our clients!


Nature Manufacture is a studio created by experienced developers and enthusiasts who, by realizing unique concepts, create projects in response to the needs of the audience.


As a studio, apart from our own concepts, we also realize projects in cooperation. We support the activities of our partners by offering our workshop and experience.

Forest Environment - Dynamic Nature
Winner of the Unity Awards 2019 in the Best artistic content category!

Dedicated Unity package containing a huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD’ed, created with a view to building the natural environment. Contents of the package allow you to create a forest environment with a small meadow and more!


Nature Manufacture provides some of the most interesting solutions we have seen in quite a while. The River Auto Material and CTS Complete Terrain Shader system are truly impressive! I would add that, if you think it fits "Their requests and feedback on Amplify Shader Editor has been extremely beneficial to our entire community."

- Amplify Creations

After working at CD Project for almost three years, Bartłomiej set out on his own, creating Nature Manufacture, a successful Unity Asset Store publisher, which offers several popular VR assets designed to drastically save time for other VR creators.

- Unity connect, vision VR/AR summit 2017

Nature Manufacture continues to release AAA quality plug-ins.  Wither it's shaders, models or textures they are always of the highest quality and are easy to use. I look forward to using more of Nature Manufacture awesome assets in the future.

- Jon O'Neal Lead Env Artist, Crowfall

Nature Manufacture is one of our partners we are working with since 2015. We are utilizing their assets inside World Creator and benefit from their professional work and knowledge. I highly recommend all their assets without any doubts. Excellent people, excellent work - that is Nature Manufacture.

- BiteTheBytes