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R.A.M – River Auto Material in tests for upcoming RTS Iron Harvest.

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+. We are proud and excited…

UNITY BLOG: AirSim on Unity: Experiment with autonomous vehicle simulation

Another Unity Blog article devoted to the project in which we participate - AirSim on Unity: Experiment with autonomous vehicle…

80 Level article – NatureManufacture: Frozen Land

Our latest project, which is a "Frozen Land" demo, has been mentioned and described by the famous 80 level! (więcej…)


In recent months, we've been working on updates for our Unity Asset Store dedicated packages. (więcej…)

80 Level article – NatureManufacture: L.V.E – Lava & Volcano Environment

An article based on an interview, which we offered to 80 Level as part of the premiere of our package…


This year we had the pleasure to participate in the Unite Berlin 2018 event both as exhibitors and sponsors. (więcej…)

80 Level article – Huge Foliage Library for UE4

"Today NatureManufacture updated its incredible Environment Set, which is available for purchase through Unreal Marketplace. It’s a really awesome set of assets which can…

80 Level article – NatureManufacture: R.A.M River Auto Material

"NatureManufacture has revealed a new upcoming pack that will give you an ability to create rivers automatically. You just drag and drop river…