Create high-fidelity worlds with NatureManufacture

Lately, on the official Unity blog the post titled “Create high-fidelity worlds with NatureManufacture” has been published – we are very pleased that our work has been appreciated! Here are a few words from this article which are dedicated to our studio :

?Creating high-fidelity immersive worlds for players requires massive attention to detail ? and specific expertise that most of us don?t have. The team at NatureManufacture does, though, and they?ve created stellar wildlife and landscape content that?s lovingly crafted to reflect real-world environments. Whether you?re prototyping a concept or getting ready for release, NatureManufacture art tools and assets will elevate your project.

Bartłomiej Galas founded NatureManufacture in 2014, and the studio has since grown to include a team of experienced developers creating advanced systems and assets for Unity. NatureManufacture translates the team?s passion for the environment into detailed and realistic natural assets and professional tools to help you shape immersive outdoor landscapes and scenes for the built-in, URP and HDRP pipelines.

We?re huge fans ? so much so that we?re highlighting this team?s amazing work with a Publisher Sale.?

In this text that coincided with the Publisher Sale event, there is also some additional information – devoted to specific packages related to the subject of the environment, and all of them you will find on our Asset Store profile.