Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature, Winner of the Unity Awards 2019

Summing up 2019 in terms of our assets, we want to highlight in particular the project that won the Unity Awards 2019 in the category of the Best artistic content, i.e. our Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature.

This dedicated Unity asset was made available for permanent sale in July last year. In short, our package contains huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, atlased, LOD?ed, created with a view to building the natural environment. Contents of the package allow you to create a forest environment with a small meadow and more!

We are pleased to sum up the previous year – the novelty introduced at that time was not only positively received by our customers but also became a valuable tool for creators. An example of its use was presented by MPC Film studio (the company which creates visual effects for movies), which we mentioned and wrote earlier about here. The culmination of recognition for the results of our work was the end of the year when Forest Environment – Dynamic Nature was among the nominated asset for the Unity Awards 2019. It was a great pleasure and distinction for us – thanks to the support of the community that appreciates our contribution to creation of environmental packages, we were able to win first place in the Best artistic content category!


We hope that the next assets that we will introduce to the Asset Store market in the future will be warmly received
in the same manner as the result of our work last year.