In recent months, we’ve been working on updates for our Unity Asset Store dedicated packages.

We care about the active development and delivery of unique solutions that will enrich the concepts of our recipients. Bearing in mind the improvement of our own products and customer expectations, our update included such packages as Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature, Dynamic Nature ? Starter, Advanced Foliage Pack, Advanced Rock Pack, Ice World.

Beside the above list, we also focused on the two flagship products that are R.A.M – River Auto Material and L.V.E – Lava & Volcano Environment. In the case of these two packages, we want to specify that the update includes in their case such new products as:

  • lw srp support
  • vegetation studio support
  • flowmap painter on models
  • automatic wetness on models which hit the spine
  • stylized version of the shading
  • floating island support and demo
  • automatic stone heating when they touch lava
  • automatic rock wetness
  • flowmap painter will paint at multiple rivers networks
  • more advanced terrain shaping system
  • more advanced swamp shading and materials
  • more rocks content
  • more accurate reflections
  • option to cut the river at every point

?. and a lot more! All information and details can be found in the link to our profile at Unity Asset Store. We hope that the latest update will support our client’s creative activities and the implementation of their projects!

Nature Manufacture team