River Auto Material in the Iron Harvest trailer at Gamescom 2019

On our blog, at the beginning of the year, we mentioned the game Iron Harvest in the context of our package R.A.M – River Auto Material, which took part in testing the environment for the upcoming title. Now we are coming back to this topic, and all thanks to Gamescom 2019.

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game (RTS) set in the alternate reality of 1920+, just after the end of the Great War. At this year’s Gamescom edition, the developers decided not only to reveal the release date but also boasted a new trailer that, in addition to the climatic introductory presentation to the game, shows several scenes from the game itself. We didn’t miss the fact that once again we saw the element of landscape in the form of our River Auto Material package. We guess that our work has passed the tests and when it comes, it will naturally complement the environment created by the developers. We keep our fingers crossed for Iron Harvest, while the effects of using our package can be assessed by watching the following official material from KINGArtGames.